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Audience polling systems are used for:

• Audience assessment - see if you are inviting the correct people to your meetings.
• Getting to know your attendees - understanding what is important to them.
• Anonymous surveying – get honest answers about the meeting, the company, new initiatives, specific products and more.
• Discovering specific wants and needs in order to customize your presentation to suit them.
• Evaluating comprehension of the key points in each presentation.
• Gathering information – survey a group quickly and anonymously.



Benefits of Audience Response Systems (Polling)?

• Better audience interest and participation.

• Access to feedback from any specific audience (employees, management, front-line workers, attendees, customers, sales personnel, etc.).

• Anomity

• Faster decision-making based upon actual data gathered.

• Attendees remain more attentive through the interactive process.

• Improved Discussion
• Attendees better retain information gained in this attentive and engaged setting.

• Increased audience retention.
• Easily assess the audience’s understanding of key points of your presentations.
• Provides a more cost-effective approach to attendee satisfaction surveys.
• Offers virtually instant feedback to meeting planners and key speakers by eliminating paper surveys that take time to process.
• It’s fun, interesting and interactive – three features everyone loves to see during a corporate meeting.

Audience Reponse Systems (Polling)


Audience response and polling is the single best way to keep your attendees involved and interested in your upcoming event by asking their opinion throughout the meeting. Audience response system provides instant feedback. FAB Studios helps companies big and small adopt and integrate interactive presentation, training, and survey technology. We focus on interactive solutions that help engage audiences, increase knowledge retention, and automate data collection. We make group interaction SIMPLE. No request is too small and no challenge too big.  We provide results without the hassle, we handle every detail.   We provide hands on service throughtout the process, from planning, implementation to follow-through.  No event is too big or small.  

How do audience response systems work?
  • The presenter creates a normal PowerPoint or web presentation.

  • Interactive slides such as multiple choice questions and lists for ranking are added.

  • Wireless keypads are used by all audience members.

  • The audience responds to the interactive slides or questions when they appear.

  • Results are collected, tabulated and recorded almost instantly.

  • Results are immediately shown and the data is stored for future analysis.

We are dedicated to fulfilling and exceeding our clients audience response polling needs. FAB Studios will effectively manage, flawlessly execute each event with exceptional attention to detail. 


To learn more about how Audience Response can make your meetings more productive, effective and engaging, please use the form below to send us your contact info and one of our ARS Specialists will contact you shortly.


  • Presentations

  • Sales Meetings

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Trainings

  • Award Banquets

  • General Sessions

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Team Competitions

  • Other Business Events

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