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FAB Studios is creativity at its finest.  We are a full service audio visual, event planning, production and multimedia company dedicated to developing solutions to inspire, motivate and empower.  FAB Studios offers strategic planning, comprehensive audio visual, production and event planning services, perfect for any occasion.  We own our own equipment and maintain strong industry relationships.  Our team will use their talent and expertise to create your amazing products and most memorable events and productions. 


FAB Studios offers clients a simplified straightforward process for a clear well-thought out course and direction.  We provide personalized hands-on services.  Our slogan "from Vision to Validity" defines who we are.  FAB Studios simply develops a unique plan to transition our clients from the place of anticipating that which will come to be (VISION) to the state of producing desired results (VALIDITY). 


FAB studios is also a flexible facility for business meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, concerts, showcases, community service events, private banquets and more.  More than just a fabulous facility, we are a team of dedicated professionals with the experience and skill to bring your project to life.  


Our goal is to create a final product that meets your needs on time  and within budget.  Whether you need an event planner, wedding planner, a commercial, infomercial, broadcast program, music recording, website design, web casting, venue, training video or anything else, we bring decades of experience in Event Planning & Design, Production and Post Production, employing the latest equipment and techniques in our work, but most of all, our people are our greatest asset. Our staff is eager to help you plan a successful event and/or production.  


We are committed to making the necessary steps to process our clients' concepts from vision to vitality.  We are tenacious in our efforts, consistent in the process and committed to your success.  


Our staff is eager to help you plan a successful event, product and/or production.  To learn how we can assist you, please contact us.  We will be happy to answer your questions and arrange a consultation for you.    



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